February 2015

Saturn, the last planet we can see with the naked eye has moved into the sign of Sagittarius.  As the keeper of boundaries, we tend to want to push him back and he is solid rock.  The philosopher finds the limitations frustrating.  On the world stage, belief systems are being tested.      Tom Stoppard has written a new play on Science and Consciousness, the origins of theater were Religious stories.  Be prepared for convictions and self righteousness to be front and center.  Be careful of being fanatical about fanatics.

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Aries ruled by Mars

For most of the month you are restrained by compassion.  Action is more your cup of tea.  You will be more astute in your new endeavors by the ruminating qualities of having had to be concerned for others.  Spend time with children.  Watch stock market trends and go to the theater.  The light bulb in your head will not be dimmed

Taurus ruled by Venus

Arvolyn Hill

Posted: December 3, 2014 

We try to understand the time in which we live by observing trends of past history.  Most of the human condition is a repetition of previous formats with a twist on the style.  For now religion and the inner divine has taken a back burner to psychology and what science can provide.  To study the psyche one must devise a pattern.  One of the patterns of yore was Astrology.  

Let's contemplate the epistemology of gratitude: pleasing and gratuitous: to give freely.  These are words associated with the Sun in Sagittarius.

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Aries ruled by Mars


There is a plan you have been implementing and you will enjoy the outcome.  Mid month the shift in direction to a new outlook will satisfy your need to stay active. Be with children, allow your early memories their due.  You rarely contemplate legacy, but you will leave one.


November 6, 2014

The sign of Scorpio is well acquainted with fear.  To feel accomplished one is inevitably faced with terror to overcome.  Halloween is the time to honor the scary.  We are all titillated in varying degrees by the passion and excitement of the spooky, macabre, and panic.  We have to decide about a critical crisis, how much Chaos are we willing to bring into consciousness?

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Aries ruled by Mars

You are being given an opportunity to use your tremendous reserve of discipline to make dramatic changes.  The key word is evolution, not revolution.  Can you hold still to evolve? You will be tested with more than a little chaos.  When man created fire, it became one of his earliest forms of meditation.

Taurus ruled by Venus

October 12, 2014

Astrology for October 2014

Isis the ancient Goddess of Egypt, sister and wife to Osiris, was devastated when her brother was cut in pieces.  She retrieved all but his phallic member and put him back together.  Could the Muslims feel impotent and what does that mean?  Fear is the precursor to anger.  Why are we to blame?  Merely because we are the mightiest in the media?  Mars, the God of War is terrifying.  But, he is also our ability to change.   Discipline is only useful with temperance, creativity and thought behind it.

Please read your rising sign, if you know it.

Ares ruled by Mars

For most of October, your ruler is actively contemplating.  This is helpful, because thought comes before action.  By the end of the month you can implement your decisions.  The lunar eclipse in your sign indicates tempestuous emotions with partners.  Be prepared to eat humble pie with the ladies in your life.

Taurus ruled by Venus

September 10, 2014

Does unusual weather affect time?  With the past winter snow days, the school year gets earlier.     This phenomenon is in keeping with the theory of global warming.  Time is looked at in different ways.  Like the Sphinx's question.  What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?  The speed of the walking seems to be erratic. Is the wobble of the earth doing an Irish jig?

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Aries ruled by Mars

As an initiator you are given free rein this month.  Children will see you as the Pied Piper.  Any bonfires you start will bring folks together to enjoy the fireworks.  You could be looking at borrowing money.  If so, play down the drama and enforce a lengthy prospectus or proposal.  Metal is your element, find a way to shape it.

Taurus ruled by Venus

August 2014

Lovely Leo, is being adored by Jupiter the Magnificent. The key word is courage. Think with your heart. How often do you feel lesser than?  This is the balance to observe when entitlement wars with acceptance. Theosophist Frank L Baum, wrote Wizard of Oz. He gave both the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion the element of heart. One looks for compassion the other looks for courage. Children usually have these qualities before they grow up. Is respect anything but someone other acknowledging your presence?  Within our limited bodies and brains the ability to listen and express is always in conflict. Like the masks of drama and comedy, the theater is ruled by Leo.

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Aries ruled by Mars

PL Travers once remarked that Fire makes Water boil, but Water puts out fire. You have renewed energy with your ruler moving into Scorpio. You also are stymied by the limitations of Chaos, your friend, doing a reverse tango. As the initiator, you are simmering with the need for action. The strength of the body is needed to envelope the brain.

July is the seventh month.  Seven is a number that resonates.  The musical scale is seven notes. The seven days of the week represent the planetary bodies observable to the eye.  The week starts with the Moon on Monday, Mars on Tuesday, Mercury on Wednesday, Jupiter on Thursday, Venus on Friday (which is the Celtic Fredda) Saturday Saturn's day and Sunday for the Sun.  Can you see the imagery of each story?  Contemplate the day and the part of the human condition it represents.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, the Mother, the unconscious.  Monday is the day to do laundry, catch up and get ready for action on Tuesday.  Use July to get ready for August, ruled by the Sun and the sign of Leo, which demands consciousness.

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Aries ruled by Mars