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Kevin McEneaney
  To The Editor:       The recent letter to the editor, “Heidi Otto Remembered” written by Stephen Kaye, distorts and misrepresents the facts.      
  To the editor,       It was with great dismay and then anger when I read your editorial in the March 5, 2014 issue of the Millbrook Independent.  Yes, Heidi Otto did bring heartache and controversy to the Town of Washington - 10  years ago.  I do not dispute that part of your article.      

The public interest lawsuit brought against Planning Board of North East by “Ten Towns to Preserve Main Street”, which had lost on a technicality, has been appealed to the Second Department in Brooklyn.  Although publicized initially as a food store for Millerton and surroundings, in reality it would be a 36,000 sq.ft. regional megastore located on Route 44 at the state line selling food, plants, pharmaceuticals, books, and alcoholic beverages.  Such a megastore would suck away economic resources currently circulating throughout our interstate ten town region, including Salisbury, Sharon, Amenia, Pine Plains, Stanford, Wassaic, Cornwall, Washington/Millbrook, Kent, and Falls Village.

  To the editor,       Governor Cuomo: They Need to Drive      
Kevin McEneaney
  To the editor:       I am deeply concerned about the future of St. Francis Hospital, its patients, employees, vendors and nearby businesses. After careful research and many conversations with individuals with first-hand knowledge of St. Francis Hospital and the region’s healthcare landscape, I have determined that Westchester Medical Center’s bid would preserve healthcare options for the people of Dutchess County and prevent economically devastating layoffs, in a way the Health Quest’s bid would not.  
Help raise funds for Scott's mounting medical bills
  There are few better friends to authors and book lovers than Scott Meyer, owner of Merritt Bookstore in Millbrook, New York. For years Scott has tirelessly championed authors in the old-school tradition of hand-selling, promoting books on local radio shows and publications, sponsoring and stocking book fairs throughout several counties, and organizing five annual Millbrook Literary Festivals. Owing to his inexhaustible enthusiasm and constant promotion of authors, he’s been called the Tasmanian devil of booksellers.  Put simply, Scott helps writers: all writers. He helps them by putting their books lovingly in the hands of people who will enjoy them, which also makes him the book lover’s best friend. Author Da Chen has written of Scott:  "You love putting good books in readers' hands. The love becomes so tangible and palpable that you actually make books seem like gold. Like something that one must have if he wishes to live another breath."    
              The Honorable Kirsten Gillibrand   U.S. Senate   Washington, D.C. 20510       Dear Kirsten:

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