Webb pond

Webb Pond, Maine

by Kevin T McEneaney

Ducks puddle on pond, loons dive in water,

curling flock of frothing clouds overhead,

shoreline landscaped with angular gray rocks,

hawk circling high, searching for breakfast,

tremor of mist swirling on the shoreline,

ants wandering like a compass needle,

firs proliferating like wanton cocks,

bass feeding on kelp and gobbling minnows,

woodpecker knocking his brains on birch tree,

then a sheen of placid blue spanning pond….

Although science reveals explanations,

how this came to be appears miracle—

to feel pond water lapping between toes,

a seedless red grape melting tart on tongue…. 

Kevin T McEneaney

Author of The Enclosed Garden, Longing, and other books