Mother’s Day 2020

On Life’s veranda We stood there, timid and unsure. What would the next day bring? On the canal, a swan, Her cob and cygnets foraged With an aimless plan. The…

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The Smell of the City

Translational Ecology <>10:13 AM (24 minutes ago) The Smell of the City by Bill Schlesinger Even before COVID-19 cleared the air in major world’s cities—New York, Los Angeles, Beijing and…

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I. Falling Looking out across the horizon, I imagine the American Empire itself enfolded in that stately snarl of purple clouds sailing toward me about to crash into sheer rockface.…


Gutting protections for migratory birds

Wood Thrushes have just arrived in our yard in North Carolina, having completed their migration from Central America that began a few weeks ago. Their flutelike singing from the treetops…

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on the kitchen floora forgotten forget-me-not that fabulous skypalethat sunny centrepart of the treasure cache thatdull glint of summer who cares if it’s a weed of sortsall the king's horses…

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Nonet At sunset the red glow of treetops delivers aesthetic wonder as clouds, whimsical in gusts, paint varied animals while white butterflies flitter on ferns. Cardinal says tweet tweet.

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Behind the Smoke Screen

While we have been closely focused on the painful nightly White House briefings on coronavirus, at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Trump’s minions have been busy dismantling decades of regulations…

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For them and us

Just before the world got sick, before the black Johns Hopkins maps  and Covid on the weather app,  in a crowded Chinese restaurant  a woman leaned sharply as if tugged  …

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Sci-fi Land

Sci-fi Land There was a time when people could converse, go to the beach, frolic in sand and sea, play tennis, baseball, lacrosse, other sports, or show up on the…

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Greta on Climate Crisis

Our House is on Fire; Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis by the family of Greta Thunberg. Penguin paperback 2018. Greta Thurnberg made the headlines and wrote…

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