Irish Halo Nonet

 Irish Halo Nonet

by Kevin T. McEneaney

Franks complained of the Irish tonsure,

correct Easter calculation,

and insistence on penance

during medieval times,

yet adopted Irish


Tonsure ran

ear to



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Magic Emanating from Stissing Center

By Kevin T. McEneaney The Stissing Center—like many other music and theatre venues—has opened its doors via the Internet. The Saturday evening concert at 4:30 pm featured soprano Lucy Fitz…

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Nonet in Cyan

by Kevin T. McEneaney Mysterious planet Uranus, Mediterranean water where Homer sailed to Delos before he became blind, cornflower magic by the roadside, where sunken treasure lies.  

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Drought and Desertification

  by Bill Schlesinger Thirty years ago, a NASA scientist, Dave Rind, published a paper showing the enhanced likelihood of droughts with global warming. His view was prescient. Rind reasoned…

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Blind Nonet

by Kevin T. McEneaney As I write this line on paper pad, trillions of unseen neutrinos have passed through my brain and heart. Scientists estimate six billion earth-like planets in…

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Nonet in Purple

by Kevin T. McEneaney Building a house for purple martin, dye from a spiny sea snail gland, blackberry, or mulberry, horse tails dipped in purple notes the Iliad, grape hyacinth,…

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Biodiversity Bottlenecks

by Chuck Cannon Over the past couple of centuries, we have witnessed a dramatic decline in wildlife populations (1, 2) and the extent of natural areas (3), with an increasing…

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by Bill Schlesinger Along the mid-coast of California, amidst carefully protected ranches of Silicon Valley executives, one finds rolling hills of oak trees. A few years ago, with colleagues from…

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Nonet in Blue

Nonet in Blue The scent of forget-me-not in air like secret memories of poignant pleasure once filched from the bank of a stream where water tumbled over boulders sending foam…

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Nonet in Red

Sometimes I think my heart resembles a red tulip open to sun, dreaming dark red tulip dreams while hosting poetic lines on bright sunny days, closing at night to ponder…

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