A lesson at the feet of mites

a photographically enlarged mite

by Kevin T McEneaney

When mites crawl in your hair or on your hands,

you know you are headed for a shower.

Mites are not around to give you delight.

Most mites are virtually invisible.

They have been here about a hundred million years

and will be here when humans have vanished.

Although small, these arachnid descendants

have a large gut, eat flakes of your dead skin,

or strands of your fallen hair you don’t miss.

They eat the dust on the floor of your room.

Although everywhere, you don’t notice them.

Scabies often afflicts the elderly.

Do invisible mites control your brain?

Or is it your gut that controls your life?

Kevin T McEneaney

Author the collections The Enclosed Garden and Longing, available in French and Japanese