The ancient-storied kiss

by Kevin T McEneaney

Like us, many animals give a kiss.

Clown-fish pucker kiss to attract a mate.

Foxes rub noses or mock-bite on neck.

Elephants touch trunks, plunge them into mouth.

Dolphins kiss, swimming belly to belly.

Deer rub noses, lick face and even ears.

Gorillas kiss friends and children on lips.

Horses lip-curl, nuzzle, and kiss on nose.

Leopards kiss and lick each other on lips.

Macaws do sturdy beak-to-beak rubbing.

Do you recall the first kiss you gave out?

Or an attempt at a kiss that was foiled?

How many kisses have you offered out?

When was the last time you kissed child or friend?

Kevin T McEneaney

Author of The Enclosed Garden, Longing, and other books