When did Black Coffee become Americano?

by Neil Donnelly

Walking towards the Golf club,

sun beating on the Old Head of Kinsale;

at the Sentry Box, between a limp tricolor

and a stars n’ stripes, a dark shirt appears;

dark glasses, dark walkie-talkie, a security guard.

            Sir, can I help you?

I halt.

           Is it possible to get a drink and a sandwich?

           You can’t go up. People have paid 600 euro for a round of golf.

           I’m not intending to play.

           You’re not appropriately dressed.

           I only want a drink and a sandwich.

           Go back!

           This is crazy,

           Repeat that!

He steps from the box.

          This really is crazy,

A second guard appears.

         When did Black Coffee become Americano,

I mutter and walk away.

Neill Donnelly

Neil Donnelly is the author of the poetry collections Tullamore Train and Sister Caravaggio as well as the author of several plays produced at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.
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