Valentine musings

by Kevin T McEneaney

Valentine’s Day is like when a lonely chair by the road

is picked up by a handyman who repairs it,

then places the chair by a sunny window.

VD is like when someone takes in a stray cat,

brings it to the vet for vaccines,

and the cat finds a good home to hunt mice.

VD is like a running faucet

that sputters for ten minutes

while the water enjoys splashing into sink.

VD is like a pen that signs a card

and the card feels important because

it is placed into an envelope with postage stamp.

VD is like a guitar that has slept in a closet

for two decades, then given to a nephew

when at ten he wished to play guitar.

VD is like a cricket trapped in a web

and the cricket frees himself before the spider

wakes up and finds his intricate web shredded.

VD is like when you and I agree

about folly and have a good laugh

as we watch that orange orb go down!

Kevin T McEneaney

Author of The Enclosed Garden, Longing, and other books