Put a Cricket in your Heart

Put a Cricket in your Heart

by Kevin T McEneaney

The earth is full of singing poetry—

from the unseen worm to gold cricket

perched on a blade of cemetery grass

by the carved stone of a fallen soldier

who fought in the terrible Civil War

where men died by the ravenous thousands,

and if the wind blows not too hard some days

you can hear from earth that soldier whisper:

“War is a nightmare. Live in peace, brothers.


Enjoy your liberty, spouses, children,

all earth’s bounty, the singing of birds,

the rose beauty of sunrise and sunset.


For me, it was a question of justice—

there are times when war is necessary,

but I would not wish such dreadful horror

on passing friend or any family.


Let the rhetoric of war not tempt us—

let us live with love and true friendship’s bliss.

Run your fingers over the greening grass;

remember those who died for liberty.”