Mother’s Day at Sunrise

 by Kevin T McEneaney

Mothers are nearly just like everyone,

except that they are mothers with children

who do not understand who they are,

or what role they are to play on life’s stage

with often disapproving audience.


My mother possessed that rare quality:

a sense of humor which children cherish,

a bond that makes the child a branch on tree,

that tree being family history.


I was more wayward than she would prefer,

yet I was never hateful. I admired

those who were clever, worked hard, daydreamed,

whether Hegel or the Three Musketeers.


Mothers are the extraordinary breast

who inspire every child to do their best!

Kevin T McEneaney

Author of The Enclosed Garden (a Bhuddist epic) and Longing, which was published in French and Japanese