On Retirement

His Badhrán drum

by Doctor Phillip Brady

I will always say Hello to you he said,

You looked after me when I had nothing.

Now I have this place, if you have time,

I would like to show it to you,

My own two rooms and a kitchen,

With underground heating.

I could make a cup of tea, he said.

When I was young,

You could never leave home without it.

This was better than a presentation,

It Was a Presentation,

An unexpected eulogy

For something that went unnoticed.

We talked about the music,

And the sets that went with it,

And the picture by the door,

That’s from the mountain, he said.

Reminds me of home.

We talked of when we had nothing,

And in the space between the words,

We both knew it was Then that we had everything.

Phillip Brady

Philip Brady is a doctor and poet who lives in Edenderry, Ireland.
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