Grasping at Straws

CO 2 rising by Bill Schlessinger In the face of the inexorable rise in atmospheric CO2, widespread observations of long-term warming trends, and intransigent policy makers in the face of…

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Benjamin Hochman’s Lyric Touch at Stissing Center

Photo by Jennifer Taylor by Kevin T. McEneaney On Saturday afternoon at the new Stissing Center in Pine Plains on live-stream broadcast pianist Benjamin Hochman performed Klavierstück, Op. 119 by…

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Cardinal Nonet

by Kevin T. McEneaney Cardinal Richelieu was tired of seeing blood flow at banquets when diplomats drank their wine, argued over borders. He made them all check their own long…

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Fracking, flowback, and fish

by Bill Schlesinger Hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) has become a standard practice for the production of oil and gas, not just from the shale-gas areas, such as the Marcellus shale…

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Shakespearean Dreams in Rhinebeck

Titania, Puck, and Fairies By Kevin T. McEneaney Real theater now? Yes, outdoors at the center for Performing Arts in Rhinebeck. On the lawn. Bring a chair or blanket. Shakespeare’s…

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Wondrous Nonet

  by Kevin T. McEneaney Unstable mesons form an octet, yet can be nonet with quark since they can be split into an octet plus singlet. This seems weird at…

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The Science and The Anti-Science

by Bill Schlesinger Science is facing a deepening crisis in America. Despite our best efforts to increase funding for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education to train a new…

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Irish Halo Nonet

 Irish Halo Nonet

by Kevin T. McEneaney

Franks complained of the Irish tonsure,

correct Easter calculation,

and insistence on penance

during medieval times,

yet adopted Irish


Tonsure ran

ear to



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Magic Emanating from Stissing Center

By Kevin T. McEneaney The Stissing Center—like many other music and theatre venues—has opened its doors via the Internet. The Saturday evening concert at 4:30 pm featured soprano Lucy Fitz…

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