Life in Florida

by Kevin T McEneaney

At the high-rise condo they are experimenting with magnetic fields to protect themselves from the Delta Covid virus.

At my golf club we delete from membership anyone who walks into the club wearing a mask.

There’s a local church who won’t admit anyone who arrives wearing a mask.

My neighbor constantly talks about Mask Nazis and says he knows his Stand Your Ground rights.

The fortune teller around the corner is working at least twelve hours a day informing people that they are exempt from being contaminated and that they will die in their sleep at ninety-five.

Some stores won’t ring up your purchase until you remove your mask.

The main drag Tattoo Parlor’s most popular artistry (in a variety of scripts) is “I’m NOT vaXed. I’m still human.”

The neighborhood Defense Team continues to strip masks from strollers, bicyclists, and bikers because we live in a Free Liberty Zone.

Every Friday night there’s free beer down the block where mask burnings are conducted from 9 to 11 pm.

I secretly carry a mask in the glove compartment of my car (in case I leave my neighborhood).