What’s Out/What’s In for 2023

by Bill Schlesinger

Motivated by a similar comparison in the Washington Post, here are my choices for what’s out and what’s in (mostly environmental) during the coming year.   Cover the right-hand column and try to guess it.

Out                                                                        In

Plastic Bags                                                         Paper Bags

Coal Ash                                                              Wind Turbines

Insect swarms                                                   Pollinator deficiency

Wood Bioenergy                                              Solar power

Greenland’s ice                                                 Rising sea level

Maple trees                                                        Oak Trees

Twitted Falsehoods                                        Science-based policy

Soil carbon credits                                           Regenerative Farming

Gasoline                                                               Electric Vehicles

Face Masks                                                         Triple boosting

Napa Valley Wine                                             Willamette Valley Wine

Forest fires                                                         Controlled burning

Old-growth forest                                            Plantations

Crop surpluses                                                  Mega-droughts

Jeopardy                                                              Wordle

Melting Permafrost                                        Methane release

Ukrainian grain                                                  African Famine

Natural habitat                                                  Loss of species

Reference Books                                              Wikipedia

Deliberative discourse                                   War

Bill Shlesinger

Emeritus Director of Cary Institute, Millbrook