Magic Emanating from Stissing Center

By Kevin T. McEneaney The Stissing Center—like many other music and theatre venues—has opened its doors via the Internet. The Saturday evening concert at 4:30 pm featured soprano Lucy Fitz…

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Nonet in Cyan

by Kevin T. McEneaney Mysterious planet Uranus, Mediterranean water where Homer sailed to Delos before he became blind, cornflower magic by the roadside, where sunken treasure lies.  

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Blind Nonet

by Kevin T. McEneaney As I write this line on paper pad, trillions of unseen neutrinos have passed through my brain and heart. Scientists estimate six billion earth-like planets in…

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Nonet in Purple

by Kevin T. McEneaney Building a house for purple martin, dye from a spiny sea snail gland, blackberry, or mulberry, horse tails dipped in purple notes the Iliad, grape hyacinth,…

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Nonet in Blue

Nonet in Blue The scent of forget-me-not in air like secret memories of poignant pleasure once filched from the bank of a stream where water tumbled over boulders sending foam…

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Nonet in Red

Sometimes I think my heart resembles a red tulip open to sun, dreaming dark red tulip dreams while hosting poetic lines on bright sunny days, closing at night to ponder…

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Air Conditioning

by Bill Schlesinger Hot town, summer in the cityBack of my neck getting dirty and grittyThe Lovin’ Spoonful, 1966 We may be entering a vicious circle—what scientists call a positive…

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I let the yard go

I let the front yard go, thinking moss would take it, imagined a lush, green, spongy mattress, like in the Adirondacks, where my brother and I found wizard beds in…

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The Methane Mystery

Methane is a strong absorbent of infrared (heat) radiation leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, and thus implicated in the ongoing global warming of our planet. After a lull in the 1990s,…

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Mother’s Day 2020

On Life’s veranda We stood there, timid and unsure. What would the next day bring? On the canal, a swan, Her cob and cygnets foraged With an aimless plan. The…

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