Warriors All

by Kevin T. McEneaney Between Athens and Thebes, the grand highway had three hundred sixty-five stone statues of philosophers, poets, and dramatists. Thebans and Romans destroyed those statues.   Empires…

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Ferlinghetti Memo

by Kevin T. McEneaney When I was young and excited as a dandelion seed, there was no “Coney Island of the Mind.” There was a real, swinging carnival in Brooklyn…

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One-quarter Billion BC

by Kevin T. McEneaney That green cicada on my window screen with its bright bulging eyes set wide apart is impressive: gaze into its large eye— witness a powerful self-confidence!…

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Heavenly Falconry

by Kevin T. McEneaney The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital beckons for the serious falconer fascinated by quick celestial surgery on a falcon’s fibular. Over eleven thousand falcons come yearly for…

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Blow Down

by Kevin T. McEneaney The hurricane came through and blew trees down which fell like twigs over lawns and power lines, rural roads, main roads, and major highways. Odd that…

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by Bill Keller They all fell from a single tree, covered the lawn in plump, brown beads:  the unstrung necklace of a woodland queen. They were elegant, sleek and round, …

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Cardinal Nonet

by Kevin T. McEneaney Cardinal Richelieu was tired of seeing blood flow at banquets when diplomats drank their wine, argued over borders. He made them all check their own long…

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Wondrous Nonet

  by Kevin T. McEneaney Unstable mesons form an octet, yet can be nonet with quark since they can be split into an octet plus singlet. This seems weird at…

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Irish Halo Nonet

 Irish Halo Nonet

by Kevin T. McEneaney

Franks complained of the Irish tonsure,

correct Easter calculation,

and insistence on penance

during medieval times,

yet adopted Irish


Tonsure ran

ear to



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